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Years: 1999 - current
Genre: progressive rock, dark folk, ambient, psychedelic



2007 - Strange tomorrow (AHNSTERN) - compilation, remaster
2006 - At Sunset of Times
2002, 2005 - Celestial city (MALS)
2001 - Art of lying live
2000 - Late September



The group from Jerusalem with the lot of acoustic instruments, with dark atmosphere in which opera and theater phantoms are concealed. Their minimalistic music is self-sufficient within one composition. Style should be characterized, as progressive rock with influence of dark folk, ambient and psychedelic. The music of group present a fantastic blend of classical dark-folk, odious Russian rock, playful, almost Odessish chanson, klezmer, etnik and many-voiced vocal of Soviet groups from 70th. The basic meaning is in Russian texts which remain absolutely unique. One of the basic characteristics of Angre Dolls music is theatricality. For this reason the question "in what style they played" is deprived sense. But each album is similar to theatrical representation, and in relation to separate albums possibly to speak about theis styles. Angry Dolls are created in 1999 year by Fred Adra (Tbilisi borned) and first songs was in the vein of good Soviet cinema, children's horror stories and the piracy romantic. In 2000 year Adra released solo album "Late September", in a theatrical way - a solo performance. In 2002 year was released "Celestial city", what can be characterized as complete theatrical performance with a heap of actors. In 2003 was released an album from early, "children's" songs with which Angry Dolls, should be called "Improbable adventures of Angry Dolls". But working tapes have been lost, there were only trial versions of several songs in section "music" of an official site. In 2005 year "City" was rereleased - "the Song of lamplighters" was deleted, "Lamplighter" was added, and whole album was remixed.

Side - projects

side-project with two albums - "A Day Before the Day" (2003), about day before the end of the world, and "The Sand Album" (2004), released for musical ideas, what was have no place in concept of Angry Dolls. It's mainly instrumental music, very emotional and apocaliptic, with lots of guitars; every composition of Dead Mystic is blast of emotions. The compositions "Body" and "Snow Shadow" was vinning in all nominations on competition of soundtracks at Moshkow site.

Dead Mystic – new project, and, apparently, if not one-off, the less viable then Angry Dolls. More personal, more difficult for perception, and, hence, less demanded and clear music >>> Full article on russian

"Three inside"
Alex Kotler from the No command was create split of 3 israeli russian-kanguage groups: Angry Dolls, No command and South Front. Was released album "Three inside". In the same split they was performed in many gigs in Israel.

Suddenly, at a minimum. This split of the three Russian-speaking groups from Israel sounds more interesting than you might expect. I say this because the project is positioned primarily as rock-n-roll gig. >>> Full article on russian

2004 - Music of Adra for the performance "To kill the Karol" (piece of Slavomir Mrozek). Director: Nadezda Grinbers >>> page on official site (on russian)

"Mutabor" (2005) - Project of Jerusalem cult poet and musician "Pziol" (Eduard Semenov), blend of Caucasian, Jewish, Arab, shamanic motifs and Russian rock. Adra was arranger of all songs and author of two songs - "Mutabor" and "Umkat". Additionally, Adra embodied here some ideas that are yet have no place in Angry Dolls >>> page on official site (on russian)

At 1992 Adra was created the group Peregrin Krol, what was which played a progressive of 1970th. Fred said that "Angry Dolls is a successor of Peregrin Krol by right of inheritance anf related to the progressive too, although style of the Angry Dolls - not so progressive". Additional info about the group was not finded

Links & sources

page on MySpace
"A Band For Many (sonic) Seasons": iinterview with Fred Adra on Musique Machine site."

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