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Years: 1997 - current
Genre: Fusion, Prog, Insrumental



2001 - Between The Sky And Earth (Artland Records)

Personel (2001)

Patrick Losinsky (composer, vocals, acoustic, electric & sinthy guitars)
Kiril Iliasov (acoustic & electric guitars)
Valeri Petrov (bass)
Julian Losinsky (drums)
Evgeni Klimewnko (mellotron & percussion)


Personel (2012)

Patrick Losinsky (гитара)
Julian Losinsky (drums)
Valeri Petrov (бас)
Evgeni Klimewnko (percussion)
Toma (keyboards)
Elvin (acoustic & electric guitars)
Kiril Iliasov (guitars)



Artland was formed in 1997 by Israeli musicians who immigrated here from the former USSR. They all played music in various bands in the USSR before coming to Israel.The music of Artland consists of original compositions by the band members. Although based on the Progressive Rock Genre, the music is very much updated with the latest developments in ambient and electronic sound technology. In 2001 Artland released a self-produced debut album. After quite a long break and reconstructions, musicians continue to work with their second studio album...It's coming very soon. The musicians are working enthusiastically in their own studio to produce the next album. This new album will be accompanied by words taken from the Book of Psalms

2013 update
The second generation of musicians appeared in the group: Toma, Elvin and Julian. Three long new compositions can be listened on group's site. The same pieces was performed live on ProgStage 2011.

All links on this page was updated

Links & sources

Asaf Kaplan - Artland Interview for ProgStage Festival 2012
Full performance on ProgStage 2011 (53:49)
Psalm 116 (11:48)

Artland live at ProgStage Festival 2012 (fotoalbum © Avihai Levy)
Artland Interview for ProgStage Festival 2012 (fotoalbum)
Page of the grouop on site ProgStage 2012

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